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Enclosure Cooler Characteristic:

  • Fin airstream guidance design for evaporator
  • Metal housing
  • Completely external mounting installation
  • Nano-coating technology for corrosion-resistance
  • Remote control via RS485 port

Extra-long air path, powerful airflow and the elimination of hot spots ensure effective cooling performance;Condensate evaporation system, slim line;Comfortable panel design, 3-key simple fool-style operation;Door-mounted units are seamlessly integrated into the enclosure in design;

Enclosure Cooler Your earnings

Eco-friendly refrigerant R134a is applied to meet the requirement of environment protection;With lower working pressure load, it has more excellent performance against the harsh environment;Rational panel design, small size to achieve the largest cooling output and save the space;Comfort panel design, with 3 key simple foo-style operation;Digitalized temperature control system to accurately monitor the cabinet interior temperature;Completely external mounting or partially-recessed mounting is available as option for 5FCC/FCC/ECC series;Boltless installation with fast clip is available 5FCC/FCC/ECC series;

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