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Heat Exchanger Characteristic:

  • 0.22 aluminum foil for core
  • Corrugated heater
  • Hermetic foaming injection-molding technology

The completely independent internal air circuit from the external ensures the air inside is clean. Simple structure, it will be not frosted due to undercooling; five-prevention: rainproof, anti-thunder, insect prevention, antitheft, radiation protection guarantee the security of enclosure; Communication function is included and particularly suitable for the outdoor cabinet; User-friendly installing option: semi-recessed (bolt/boltless) or completely external mounting.

Heat Exchanger Your earnings

The internal circuit and external circuit of air/air heat exchanger are carefully and hermetically isolated to avoid the intrusion of water, moisture and dusts from outside. The unit uses Lezig’s advanced patented technology which boosts the heat exchange amount on unit area; the optional temperature and humidity alarms help to intelligently grasp the enclosure climate condition. Compact design makes it several outlines for side and top mountings; TPC heater is optionally available to ensure the electrical elements installed inside enclosure can even work under low temperature. It also be automatically activated and closed in line with the temperature inside enclosure to keep it safe and reliable; Multiple voltages are available, stable performance and low noise level as well as energy consumption. The sealed internal circuit design of air/water heat exchanger is particularly suitable for the extreme outdoor environment. The pipes are fully made of copper for different coolants and some special ones are for the low temperature; maintenance-free and no need of filter mesh replacement brings down the labor costs; compact design makes it several outlines for side and top mountings.

Case picture