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Enclosure Ventilation Characteristic:

Enclosure ventilation:various installations; Heating series: compact strcuture; Lighting series: Arc grating design, soft light, intergated with limit switch, energy-saving and eco-friendly.Monitoring series: wireless control, wireless socket and low building cost;

Enclosure Ventilation Your earnings

Industrial enclosure side-mounted filter fan adopts the principle of positive pressure and absorbs the ambient air outside the enclosure. The filter pad will obstruct all dust particles over the size of 10 micrometer so that the positive pressure is produced inside enclosure to prevent the dust from intrusion. R series of filter fan is designed to guarantee the maximum airflow amount and offset the high-pressure resistance in the enclosure where the electrical elements are densely installed for indoor or outdoor application; it has high-efficiency stability and longer continuous service time; simple installation in clip-on method; Flap structural design facilitates the replacement and cleaning of filter pad; special grille prevents the debris and vapors from entering and the standard fiber filter pad makes the protection class up to IP54 and the corrugated filter pad will enhance it to IP55; various additional functions are available for options” EMC function, RC remote monitoring function, HC temperature control function, blown-out function etc.

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