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Dehumidifier system Characteristic:

  • PE drain pipe
  • Side mounting by DIN 35mm rails
  • Dehumidifying and heating function

This new type of dehumidifier can not only remove the humidity in low temperature, but also heat the air inside the enclosure so that the vapor will not be condensed due to high moist. It is an ideal product to dehumidify the enclosure.

Dehumidifier system Your earnings

It adopts the Peltier cooling and meets the requirement of environment protection; rational structural layout to get the volume minimized and enclosure space saved; Low noise level, light weight, long service life and ultrahigh cost performance; plastic housing can adapt to the corrosion-resistant operating environment; digitalized humidity control system to accurately control the humidity in enclosure; Flexible installation can meet both the mounting methods through DIN 35 rails and with bolts; Pre-set control program runs automatically and makes the enclosure climate keep an ideal condition.

Case picture