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Leizig technical support service system overview

How to select the enclosure climate control equipment?
How to make your product more energy-saving and efficient?
How to guarantee a systematized full service?

Leizig's technical support service system shall make you thoroughly get rid of these trouble.

An extraordinary and trustworthy technical service system

Among the various brands and models for enclosure climate control units, how will you select? The Prosales technical support shall help you solve those problems one-to-one.


     In the complex enclosure climate control and multi-brand combinations, the system operation and maintenance service is often awkward. Sometimes, it is required to coordinate among different service providers and also likely to face the technical trouble beyond your specialty. In Leizig, such embarrassment will be avoided and we shall provide the sole contact to simplify the operation and maintenance jobs. Compared with the accident removal emphasized by the oridinary vendor, Leizig's technical support service is proactive, preventive, foresighted and constructive in system development and update. They are embodied as below :

■ It not only helps to repair and reconstruct it in case of problem , but also provides the active dedense and lessen or eliminate the occurrence of the trouble.

■ It provides the rapid and high standard "rescue". In emergency, our technical engineer shall get to the site in a first time and get it right at soonest.

   it doesn't matter whether your enclosure climate control product architecture are based on Leizig or multiple vendors. Wherever you are, our worldwide technical persons and experts are able to help you to simplify the enclosure climate support. 

We are committed to being an expert of your enclosure climate control and technical support service!