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Sustainable development

Substainable development is one of most important strategies in Leizig. Over the years, we are striving to realize the economic growth and also pay attention to environment protection to assume the due social responsibility, making all involved parties beneficial.     

Our sustainable development is significantly enbodied in the product design and production process.
     The proposal of green design requires the product must use the reasonable raw material, structure and technology according to the directive of environment protection in the design and conceptual phase and bring down the energy consumption in manufacture and use. No poison is produced and it is easily dissembled and recycled.  The recycled material can be used to re-produce and the product without recycling value may be harmlessly disposed. 
      Furthermore, by introducing and cultivating the talent and endlessly innovating the products, it is also our struggling direction to provides the full applciation solution and excellent service for the increasing customers in different industries so that we get and maintain the necessary profit level to guarantee the company's sustainable development.