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Leizig is a leading manufacturer of cabinet environmental control, since 1990has always been focused  on industrial cabinet ventilation, refrigeration, dehumidification, heat exchange, heating, lighting and environmental monitoring system, with "innovation and achievements of the future" as the product research and development purposes, has been in the field of industrial automation, electric power and telecommunications to provide customers the green intelligentindustrial cabinet environmental control products and operation service..

As the industry cabinet environmental control of the manufacturer and operationservices, customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business, Leizig has always been to "exceed customer expectations" for  theindustrial service concept,at the same time have been paying close attention to global environmental protection, ensure the development of products and service embodies the highestrequirements of environmental protection, become can provide global for the customer service internationalization company.

The approach to our industrial support and service:

Call our global service hotline :+86 20-61139236-8036

Download the after-sale service application form from the company website and fax it to the industrial service center in Shanghai or Guangzhou.

Directly contact our sales branch offices throughout China

Development  History

1990 Rack Technologies(Leizig) was founded in Sydney, Australia to work on the R&D of electrical enclosures and enclosure climate control units;

2002 Guangzhou Leizig Electrical was authorized in Guangzhou to launch the market research to  mainland of China;

2003 1st generation of enclosure cooling unit was manufactured on lines in Guangzhou;

2004 The smallest cabinet cooler in the world, VT was successfully put on the market;

2005 Revolutionary enclosure cooling unit with zero condensate discharge was developed; Leizig trademark was registered in mainland of China;

2006 Over 12 sales representative offices were set up in large cities of mainland to expand the business throughout the whole mainland;

2007 Integrated enclosure lighting system EL changed the industry application; Industrial service independent operating company was founded in Shanghai  to increase the input into the service;

2008 Air-water heat exchanger of large cooling capacity 7000W was introduced to market and won orders in big volume. The whole factory was moved to Leizig Industrial Zone, Renhe Town, Baiyun District of Guangzhou;

2009 Top mounted fan with LED light was creatively developed to make an integration of ventilation and lighting; PT. Leizig Indonesia was built to take charge of Southeast Asian market;

2010Leizig sharped and carried out the globally uniform company image by  amending the trademark color blending and making green the main color;

2011 5th generation of enclosure cooling unit without welds started the production in Guangzhou and the factory manufacturing allocation was further optimized;

2012 Boltless mounted enclosure cooling units come out to break the traditional installation  method; Leizig received the first round of financing from Canada and put all out to develop the global market;

2013 Enclosure environment control unit software systems are open to market to indicate we are also an operational service provider of climate control; Leizig (USA) Inc. was set up for North American Market;

2014 Completely automatized heat exchanger core lines are adopted;